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December 2, 2021 | Leslie Bloudoff

Holiday Gift Guide

Ahh, it’s the most stressful time, I mean, most wonderful time of the year. As the holidays approach, we all grapple with what to get our boss, neighbor, co-worker, or that family member that has everything. So we’re here to help lessen your stress level with a few gift suggestions for the wine lover on your list, and hey, who isn’t?!?

Wine is a beverage meant to be shared. It’s a sensory experience and tends to bring people together to form a connection. Think of special holiday meals, family get-togethers, a quiet moment with a significant other, or a lively gathering with friends—wine ‘n food make any event extraordinary. This holiday season, here are a few gift suggestions that will make anyone on your gift list go, “Wow!” You can relax, and they can simply remove the cork, pour, swirl, sip, savor ‘n enjoy.

Red Wine Lover: 2018 Petite Sirah & 2018 Cabernet Sauvignon.

This Petite Sirah is big, bold and powerful, yet nicely balanced. Note the complexity as your palate savors the robust tannins. It has a rich, deep color, and full-bodied flavors of blackberries, spice, chocolate, and just a hint of black pepper.

Our Cabernet Sauvignon is known for its dark color, full body and ample tannins. This wine is dry, with medium acidity, and beautiful, complex flavors. Note the aromas of black currant, dark spices and a bit of spicy oak.

White Wine Lover: 2020 Chardonnay & 2020 Viognier.

Our Clements Hills, Lodi AVA Chardonnay is nicely layered and creamy in texture. Dry with moderate acidity and alcohol, its flavors range from apple to lemon and pineapple with notes of vanilla. Crisp and sassy, this wine has a smooth and decadent finish.

This Viognier has a vibrant acidity and exotic aromas of citrus blossom, apricot, and pear. The taste is rich, round, and well balanced with intense flavors. It’s a versatile wine—pairing well with a variety of foods as well as standing alone.

Champagne Lover: Serendipity 5-Blanc de Blanc, Blanc de Noir, Rosé, SeREDipity, Demi-Sec.

Blanc de Blanc: Sourced from 100% Chardonnay grapes from our Clements Hills vineyard, this wine is dry and has a creamy texture. A toasty bouquet of yeast from aging in the bottle means that the suppleness mid-palate finishes with a bright, crisp impression.

Blanc de Noir: It has a rich, creamy texture with a vigorous mousse. Light peach in color, the aroma has distinct notes of hazelnut, cacao, and citrus zest. This wine’s viscosity is balanced with a sharp acidity that cleanses the palate.

Rosé: Smell the aromas of sweet jammy apricot, peach, hints of orange skin, and notes of butterscotch and yeast. Gently aged before its release, it offers a vibrant acidity, and the effervescence lingers on the tongue.

SeREDipity: A blend of French varietals Chardonnay and Alicante Bouschet. Distinct due to its deep, magenta-red color, vigorous mousse, and the delicious aromas of raspberry, chocolate, and strawberry. Luscious fruit, refreshing acidity, and smooth finish make this the perfect addition to any holiday meal.

Demi-Sec: A special addition to our Serendipity lineup, this sweeter, finely balanced sparkling wine has a smooth, creamy finish. Enjoy the crisp citrus notes with a lovely peach undertone.


Sweet Wine Lover: 2020 Bella Blanca & 2019 Orange Muscat.

Our Bella Blanca is seductively aromatic with pronounced floral and stone fruit aromas, and flavors of peach, apricot, and citrus. The sweetness is well balanced with acidity, making this wine flavorful and perfect for sipping in the afternoon.

Our Orange Muscat is aromatic with an orange blossom aroma and spicy notes. Taste the sweet orange finish with a hint of apricot. Slow fermentation allowed this wine to fully develop in flavor. Sweeter in profile, it has a bright, fresh flavor. Truly “gold” in a glass!

The gift that lasts throughout the year: 1-year Wine Club Membership.

Good wine brings people together to make lasting relationships and memories. We believe in the power of community and invite you to become a part of ours. There is no fee to join, and wine club releases are quarterly: March, June, September, December. Pick your club level: 3-bottle, 6-bottle or 12-bottle, and begin your wine journey!

Top of the Line: 1-year Serendipity Wine Club Membership.

Treat yourself, or someone you love, to the ultimate gift--Serendipity Sparkling Wine, our méthode champenoise, or French-style Champagne. Each bottle is lovingly handcrafted and requires both time and care to create a premium quality product known for its creamy flavor and effervescence. This is a 1-year commitment with no fee to join, and club release are quarterly.

For Club memberships, please visit our website: www.nostravitawinery.com to learn about the club levels and perks, give us a call at 209.334.0274, or stop by and we’ll be happy to tell you all about our wines and the wine club.

We would like to wish you, and yours, a very happy holiday season from all of us here at Nostra Vita Family Winery. Raise a glass and share a toast with someone special… we’ll be thinking of you.



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Leslie Bloudoff
December 1, 2021 | Leslie Bloudoff

Deviled Eggs with Caviar

Ingredients: (Makes 12 Deviled Eggs)

  • 6 Eggs (large)
  • 1 Tbls. Dijon Mustard 
  • 1 Dash Hot Sauce
  • ¼ C Mayonnaise
  • 1 Tbls. White Vinegar
  • 1 Tspn. Sugar (optional)
  • Salt & Black Pepper to taste
  • Caviar to garnish


Mise En Place:

Measure out all ingredients before cooking process begins

  • Hard Boil Eggs (great recipe video here).
  • Once Hard Boiled, half eggs and separate yolk from white, set aside.


Step-by-step Preparation:

  1. Add egg yolks to a bowl and add mustard, hot sauce, mayonnaise, vinegar and sugar, and blend with fork until smooth and fully incorporated.
  2. If ideal viscosity is reached, move to next step.  If yolk mix needs to be thinned out, add white vinegar or water.
  3. Add salt and pepper to taste.
  4. Pour yolk mixture into piping bag with desired tip.
  5. Pipe in yolk mix into egg white halves
  6. Garnish with ¼ Teaspoon of Caviar. 

Enjoy with Nostra Vita's Serendipity 2017 Blanc de Blanc.

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