Who We Are

We’re a family owned business with a commitment to growing quality grapes, because we understand that exceptional wines begin in the vineyard. We planted and have been producing Chardonnay, Petite Sirah and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes on our home ranch in the rolling Clements hills for over 19 years, and have been making wine for both domestic and international export even longer. 

Because we’ve been in the wine industry for 50+ years, we understand what it takes to create a unique wine. Our goal is to build a long-term relationship with you by creating memorable wines and providing excellent customer service.

In 2013, Robert, owner and winemaker, was challenged to undertake a special project. His partner, Leslie, challenged him to create an extraordinary sparkling wine. With his reputation on the line, he utilized the méthode champenoise process—labor intensive and time consuming. The result was a sparkling wine that one can enjoy on every occasion, or even on no particular occasion. Its fresh acidity is balanced with a smooth body, crisp fruit and silky yeast character, clearly demonstrating that a quality sparkling wine does exist and can be produced here in Lodi. 

By word of mouth, our 2014 Blanc de Blanc quickly sold and the brand, “Serendipity” was born. The family gathered and determined that they were headed for the ride of their lives. After opening a production facility in downtown Lodi, Nostra Vita Family Winery was established. Our goal is to create quality wines and a sense of inclusion for each customer. Whether you’re in the Cellar Door, raising a glass of our sparkling wine to mark a special occasion, or enjoying a bottle of still wine during dinner with friends, we believe in the strength of extended family, friendship and the importance of sharing our time with those we love.

Discovered by chance, Serendipity Sparkling Wine has forever changed our lives and given us yet another reason to raise a glass high and to be thankful for all of life’s serendipitous moments. May you find your serendipity and never look back. Join us and make “our life” a part of yours. Visit Nostra Vita Family Winery.


Meet Our Family

Robert Indelicato

Robert diligently works to perfect his craft and create the highest quality wines. He applies his extensive experience in viticulture, winemaking and both national and international distribution with every client. Having worked with and served his customers for over 30 years, his true skill lies in his ability to match each of his Winemaker Solutions clients’ needs with a great wine and fill orders within tight deadlines. Be it a small lot order, a customized blend with a quick turnaround, or a source of sought-after California wine for a year-after-year program, Robert works with each customer to develop solutions to fit their needs.

In his down time, he enjoys watching his beloved SF Giants, sharing life advice with his kids, checking on the grapevines, and enjoying a glass of wine with a good book. Ever the winemaker, Robert often sets up rows of glasses for family taste tests. Having produced both exquisite sparkling and still wines, Robert continually seeks to improve on all of his products. After so many years, wine is truly in his blood!

Leslie Bloudoff

Leslie grew up on a small vineyard in Central California. Determined to leave rural life behind her, she went off to college and then on to law school to become a criminal defense attorney. Later, after meeting and marrying Robert Indelicato, the couple moved back to the country and planted 90 acres of wine grapes in the rolling hills of Clements. After a number of years, Leslie challenged Robert to produce a sparkling wine that was “heavenly” and of consistently high quality. He did, and she left her professional pursuits to enter his world: Nostra Vita.

Working alongside Robert, Leslie is an integral partner in the production of Serendipity Sparkling Wine, a premium méthode champenoise product that is meant to be savored and consumed--just because. She’s happy to share a glass of Serendipity and the incredible story that goes along with it.

Katie Bloudoff-Indelicato  

When her parents produced the first vintage of Serendipity Sparkling Wine, Katie was thrilled. In her estimation, this was the best sparkling wine that she’d ever tasted, and along with it came the announcement that the family was opening its own winery. For as long as she could remember, Robert and Leslie had been managing the family vineyard, while both making and selling wine overseas. But this sparkling wine program meant a new direction for the entire family: bricks, mortar and serendipitous opportunities.

At the time, Katie was working on her MBA at the University of Colorado, but upon her graduation, she made the bold decision to leave her position in a financial institution, load up her SUV, and drive back to California to join the family business. Now she’s immersed in sales, marketing and sometimes, grape pumice. Although spare time is rare, Katie loves exploring new restaurants, national parks and taking spontaneous road trips. She’s eager to develop and expand the sparkling wine division and takes great pride in sharing this product with her customers.

Kyle Bloudoff-Indelicato  

Kyle grew up playing in the family’s Clements Hills vineyards, exploring the rolling hills and natural running streams. His love for the outdoors stems from his countless days, and nights spent hoeing weeds, maintaining drip lines, pruning vines and making his own personal wine to experiment with different fermentation techniques.

He took his passion for viticulture and obtained his degree in viticulture and enology from U.C. Davis, where he developed his sensory analyst skills and focused his interest in winemaking. Following graduation, he interned at a well-known Napa Valley winery, furthering his cellar experience, and then followed up with a harvest in Southern Australia, honing his laboratory skills.  Now at Nostra Vita, Kyle brings his experience and knowledge to Lodi as the Assistant Winemaker/Cellar Master.

When not making a blend, bottling or elbow-deep in pomace, Kyle enjoys going to concerts, taking spontaneous road trips down California’s coastline, and sampling some of California’s best wines.