Leslie Bloudoff
May 21, 2023 | Leslie Bloudoff

Tempranillo... a beautiful balance of earth 'n fruit

The Tempranillo grape is a unique varietal. Berries grow in tight clusters, thick-skinned and a deep dark color, bordering on black. These grapes bud early and ripen early, and because of Lodi’s climate and soil structure, they grow well in our sandy loam. Hot summer days and cool evenings, courtesy of the Delta breeze, mimic that of Northern Spain, where this grape is said to originate.

An old variety, with records dating to 1807, Tempranillo was introduced to the Iberian Peninsula (Spain and Portugal) by the Phoenicians over 3,000 years ago. It is one of the top varieties blended into Port wine from Portugal, and the fourth most widely planted variety in the world.

But its’ unique profile stems from the winemaker, and the techniques that they use to create this full-bodied red wine. If you have the opportunity to taste one, or a few, you’ll notice certain characteristic flavors: juicy red and dark fruit, such as cherry, plum, and dried fig. The 2018 Tempranillo was aged approximately five years in oak, so you’ll likely note vanilla, perhaps tobacco, maybe even a bit of cocoa powder.

Our Tempranillo is full-bodied, bursting with flavor and gripping tannins. This wine will only grow richer as it ages, with deeper, darker fruit notes, maybe a hint of leather, and layers of balanced tannins and acidity. Once you taste it, you’ll quickly begin to appreciate its’ signature flavors, as well as those intense tannins. It is truly a dazzling surprise of earthy and fruity for your palate!

Thanks to its’ earthy and savory notes, Tempranillo pairs well with a variety of foods. Think grilled meats, veggies, and smoked foods. But don’t forget Mexican food: tacos, burritos, nachos, and chili, as well as corn-based dishes, even steak. 

Whatever food you select, this wine will deliver juicy fruit flavors and heat. This is a wine that you buy extra bottles, then store appropriately and wait. As it ages, it will only grow richer in both color and complexity. It’s a wine to enjoy and share.



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Leslie Bloudoff
May 7, 2023 | Leslie Bloudoff

Bella Blanca is the 'possibility' wine


Do you remember those mornings when you woke up, refreshed, and ready for a day filled with endless possibilities? Seriously.

When I was younger, I remember those mornings. A lazy Saturday or Sunday, perhaps the first day of Spring Break or summer vacation, and the day belonged to you. I’ve tried describing that feeling to my partner, who humors me, but doesn’t really get it. But that’s what Bella Blanca is. It’s that day that’s filled with possibilities. Your day.

Think lazy afternoon linked with beautiful early summer weather, blue skies, soft breeze, and a lounge chair under a big leafy tree with your name on it. That’s Bella Blanca!

This varietal is primarily composed of the Symphony grape. Symphony is a California crossing of two grape varietals: Muscat of Alexandria and Grenache Gris. Generally used in white wine blends, it has an aromatic characteristic with slightly spicy flavors. Think honeysuckle, gardenia, orange blossom and the heavenly scent of a juicy summer peach. Yep, it is that lovely and that memorable.

The best part, it’s not widely used and hasn’t yet caught on in popularity, which means, endless possibilities. It’s a wine that appeals across palates. I call it my “Sister Summer Sippin’ Wine.” Pour a chilled glass, sit out under that tree in that lounge, and I can get whatever intel that I need from my family. Even the members of our group that love their big reds will sit ‘n sip this seductive white wine.

It has a lightly citrusy taste with mild acidity and a hint of sweetness, but it’s refreshing. With each sip, the fruit will open on your palate, and you’ll begin to savor a variety of floral and stone fruit flavors. 

Bella Blanca is our featured Wine of the Month for May. We invite you to come in, enjoy a taste or a glass, then take 10% off your purchase when you buy two or more bottles. Wine Club members can combine their discounts. 

But I warn you, it is indeed addictive, and you’ll need several bottles for the upcoming warm summer months. After all, summer days are filled with endless possibilities, and you’ll need some of that “Summer Sippin’ Wine” to share with friends ‘n family underneath the trees or out on the patio. It’s that good!

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