Leslie Bloudoff
April 16, 2019 | Leslie Bloudoff

What does the sun maze signify?

What does the sun maze logo signify?

We're farmers, grape farmers, or viticulturists. A fancy name for folks who grow grapes. We grew up in and around vineyards, as did our children. In fact, not unlike our own parents, we planted our vineyard, built our home in the center of it, and raised our family in the middle of dust, dirt, lovely green vines, and beautiful bunches of green and ripe purple grapes. And if you ask a farmer what's important, they'll each have their own unique list, but overall, it's sunshine and water. We follow the sun.

Right now, it's gorgeous outside. C'mon admit it, you love it too! Everything is new. Everything is fresh. The hills around the vineyard are bright green and the grass undulates when the wind blows. It's that fresh, new green. The green that's as close to emerald as it gets around here. Flowers are blooming everywhere: the fields, gardens, along the roadsides and even in the ditches. Bees are working overtime, and the world has come alive with brilliant shades of green, yellow, red, pink, white, purple, even blue. It's truly a magical time in the San Joaquin Valley.

So, when it came time to select our logo and pick something that was meaningful for our family and linked to both grapes and wine, the sun rose to the top of our list. As for the maze, well, each member of our family has meandered, turned, stalled, backed up and hit a dead-end on more than one occasion. While we each have had specific goals, plans and dreams, it hasn't always been a straight shot to the finish line.

For my husband and I, we had specific career goals, followed the rules, played the game well, at least we thought that we did. But when goals and career paths didn't materialize or we faltered, we fell, flat. I'd like to say that we bounced back immediately, but we didn't. We shook our fists, lamented our distress, licked our wounds and then, we discovered a new path, a new road, a new direction. And so, it is with our maze--a symbol of strength and resiliency. A new journey.

Most of us falter or fall at some point in out lives, so if you take a moment and ponder the twists, turns and dead-ends of your life path, I think that you can agree, a maze makes sense. We're all striving to get from Point A to Point B, but sometimes, it just takes a bit longer, and in the end, it really is all about the journey. From my vantage point, it's been quite a lovely, meandering walk through life.

We'd love to hear your story about your own journey. Stop by and visit us at our cellar door on Turner Road. We'll pour the wine, and you tell us about your life's maze--in the sun.


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