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January 18, 2019 | Leslie Bloudoff

Origin of our sparkling wine, or

The sparkling wine category holds a special place in the hearts of both winemakers and drinkers alike. For some it’s the “pop” of the cork that signals a celebration at hand, while for others, it’s the fizz or bubbles that float to the roof of your mouth, signaling the zesty acidity that soon follows. As for the winemakers, they understand that if they’ve done their job well, those bubbles will take all of the glory. But for our family, sparkling wine has and always will hold a special place in all of our lives.

Having been in and around the wine industry since his youth, Robert Indelicato understood what it took to create a good glass of wine. And while you may think that “good wine” is simply an objective term, in Robert’s viewpoint, a good wine represents all of the best qualities of that specific varietal in a style that showcases the region of origin. Over the years, he has worked diligently to perfect his craft and create high quality examples from each region.

Both Robert and Leslie grew up in and around the great Central Valley and often celebrated their favorite occasions with a glass of California’s sparkling wine. Within the past decade, they noticed that the flavor was often lackluster, the quality was ailing, and the consistency was virtually nonexistent.

Ever the instigator, Leslie challenged her husband to create a high quality, consistently superb sparkling wine. With his professional reputation on the line, Robert delved into the méthode champenoise process to produce the highest quality sparkling wine.

What came to be was nothing short of serendipitous. The result was a sparkling wine that one can enjoy on every occasion, or even on no particular occasion. Its fresh acidity balanced with a smooth body, crisp fruit and silky yeast character clearly demonstrates that a quality sparkling wine does exist and that it can be produced in Lodi.

What started out as a friendly wager has become the lifeblood of our family business. Discovered by chance, Serendipity Sparkling Wine has forever changed our lives and given us yet another reason to raise a glass high and to be thankful for all of life’s serendipitous moments. May you find your serendipity and never look back.



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